Evan (Age 10) completes 3DAmbit Introduction to Modeling in Blender

General / 04 June 2018

After attending the Coderdojo 3D intro class, Evan continued his journey into 3D, by taking the Intro to modeling class.

He decided to build Mugman, from the recent 'Cuphead' video game. Over the next 6 weeks, step by step, Evan was introduced to the tools and workflows that are used in polygon modeling, sculpting and some simple shading to give our model some color.Finally he learned how to manipulate our camera, to render out some final images in different shading modes (Material/Clay/Wireframe)

Evan showed great understanding of the 3D world, and fantastic attention to detail, and I congratulate him on the final results. 

I'd be pretty proud of myself if i had these skills at age 10.

Mugman (Material front)

Mugman (Material Side)

Mugman (Clay)

Mugman (Wireframe)