Private lessons

Courses available

1 Fundamentals of 3D (Intro to blender)

  • In this course, you will begin your journey into the wonderful world of 3D. You will become comfortable with using blender,and get introduced to a little bit of everything, so you can determine what aspects you would like to focus on in the future.

2 Animation

  • In this course, we focus on digital animation, learning about keyframe animation, constraint animation and physics animation.Learn how to animate objects along paths, and smash a stack of boxes with a wrecking ball using physics

3 Modelling

  • In this course, we are introduced to modelling workflows, from polygon modelling to sculpting.By the end of this course you will have all the tools to start building your own designs

4 Texturing and shading

  • In this course, we will dive into making our objects look good, by texturing and shading them. Learn how to wrap our objects in different layered textures to give a beautiful finish. We will also look at procedural texturing, allowing us to create our own textures.

5 Lighting and rendering

  • In this course, we look at the different types of lighting systems in blender.Lighting can make or break a final image, so understanding how to best use lights is important.We will also look at rendering to export a final image.

6 Architectural Design

  • This course focuses on the creation of buildings and structures, and we implement strict measurements to make 1:1 representations of real life objects.

7 Videogame creation

  • In this course, learn how to properly work in blender to create assets for exporting to game engines.By the end of this course you will know how to efficiently work between blender and a game engine to create flawless assets.

8 Simulation and particles

  • In this course, we focus on all things simulation. From fire to water, to explosions and destruction. Using new voxel technology ,create particle systems that react realistically to gravity, wind and other objects.

It is recommended to begin with the Fundamentals of 3D course if you are new to blender. 

Lessons are private one on one, and conducted in the comfort of your own home.

Lessons are currently available any day of the week.

Students will receive printouts to help them along the course, and a blender sticker.

Choose your own path into the world of Digital Creation, and create amazing artwork with blender,the free and open source 3D creation suite.